Choosing the perfect adventure tour can be overwhelming.  What’s the perfect adventure tour for your family?  Make sure you get input from every family member so you can make an informed decision.

We suggest looking for reliable resources such as a travel agent or tour operator.  Make a list of what you really want to see on vacation and use this as a starting point.  Take into account your budget.  What time of year are you visiting?   Some major attraction to the country are seasonal like the whale & turtle watching.

Plan for the weather

What’ s the weather like during your planned vacation time.  You’ll never go wrong with travelling to Central America as the temperatures are really appealing all year round.  Keep in mind we only have 2 season rainy and dry season.  During rainy season it can rain, and we mean a lot.  The streets can be flooded, mud slides can block major roads and make for great delays in traffic.  The plus to rainy season, the prices can be lower and everything is so lush and green.

Weather aside adventure tours are bountiful in Costa Rica.  You’ve got everything from surfing the waves to rock climbing, canopy tours, white water rafting, and parachuting off the cliffs.  What could be more adventurous than that!  Perhaps you love ATV’s.  Well we have that too!  Costa Rica truly has an adventure tour for everyone.


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Waterfalls at La Fortuna

What’s the perfect tour?

How to choose the perfect adventure tour for you.  We suggest to start off looking at your physical health.  Do you regularly participate in sports, are you active at the gym regularly, go for long hikes or swim at a pool or beach often?  These are all activities that help support your well-being.

On hiking tours in Costa Rica we follow unpaved paths mostly, some of rock, dirt, uphill, downhill, across streams, and hanging bridges.  It’s all a part of the adventure experience.  If you love the outdoors, then you certainly will love it here in Costa Rica.  Staying active & keeping fit is very easy to do here in Costa Rica.  You certainly can give up your membership at the gym and enjoy the outdoors.  That’s what we love most about our country besides our family days at the beach and our Pura Vida lifestyle.

Canopy tours

What’s a canopy tour.  Well they are bountiful throughout the country.  Monteverde is where the first original canopy tour started.   Jaco beach area has ocean views from the top and the Miramar location has a waterfalls to cool off in halfway through your 25 cable tour.  Your gear consists of a helmet, a harness around your torso, a pulley to carry at your waist, and another important item we can’t forget you need leather gloves with a pad that rides along the cables to protect your hands.  Every tour has expert guides who follow along with you as you experience the magnificent scenery of the forest.

Our best suggestion is to sit back in your harness and relax to enjoy the ride.  As you soar above the tree tops this can be a thrilling adventure.  If you are a little nervous it gets easier after the first few cables.  Once you are connected properly to the main cable take a minute to breath, think of your posture crossing your legs and keeping your less dominant hand to glide along the wire behind you.  If this is your first time doing an adventure activity like zip lining  we suggest starting off with only 12 cables.   If you have a fear of heights this may not be the tour for you.  This is why choosing the perfect tour for you is essential.


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  • this activity takes a lot of upper body strength using your arms
  • if you fall short of the platform (meaning you braked to short) you will have to turn yourself around and use your arms to pull yourself backwards along the cable to the next platform.


White Water Rafting

Costa Rica has some amazing rivers especially in rainy season for white water rafting.  There are different classes of rapids which will help you determine the best ride for you.  The Pacuare River is a very popular location for this sport as well as the Tenorio River.

If you’re a beginner you may want to choose  the dryer season to make your triumph on the rapids.  The rivers are not quite as challenging making this enjoyable for the whole family.  For the more experience person or group get yourself out there, challenge yourself and experience the rainy season for the ultimate experience.  Helmets are required as well as lifejackets for this activity.


  • if this is your first time definitely try it in dry season
  • this activity takes a lot of upper body strength using your arms


Rock Climbing

60% of the country is mountainous.  This means there are locations that are perfect for rock climbing.  This is a no fear sport!  You need to be physically fit and can handle heights.  Expert guides will help you suit up with appropriate gear and follow you down the rock.

  • leg & arm strength is definitely needed to descend down the rocks.
  • no fear of heights


Costa Rica is not shy on surfing camps or waves for that matter.  We hold a worldwide competition in Jaco Beach with many surfers from around the world attending.  If your new to the sport, don’t worry most places have many surf camps set up on the beaches.  A surf lesson is not too expensive and usually consists of professionals giving a demonstration on the board before you even begin in the water.

There are lots of locations on the Caribbean & Pacific side for surfing.  Keeping in mind some beaches are better than others.  If you are a beginner it’s better to find the best beach for you to practice.  If you are medium to advanced surfer look to beaches that can enhance your skill.    Some of the surf camps combine yoga & surfing which you will find most beneficial.  Once you’ve tried the sport you’ll know why we surfers love it so much!



Taking instructions on how to position yourself on the board

the instructor checking for technique

  • balancing on the surf board is key
  • wear lots of sunscreen & a rash shirt for protection
  • if you fall off your board protect your face by crossing your arms
  • yoga practice will help you master this sport

Our tip: If you are a beginner and manage to stay on your board the best place to jump off is near shore in shallow water.

Horseback Riding

For those who own horses or for some who only wished they had, horseback riding in Costa Rica is quite unique with trails winding through mountains to the top with the most spectacular views of oceans & beaches.  Almost every age can experience this great adventure.  Helmets are required and we suggest wearing pants and running shoes.  Some trails will take you through rivers and leading to surprising waterfalls.  Wear your bathing suit underneath your clothes so you can cool off during your ride.  The horses are usually trained and follow the guide so don’t panic.  If you experience any discomfort during your ride with the equipment be sure to let your guide know.  It might be a simple adjustment of your stirrups.



  • some trails are narrow especially going up the mountain trails so have good control of your reins and only have one horse lead the way

ATV Adventure

Take the thrilling ride of adventure on an ATV splashing through rivers & streams to climbing to mountain peaks.  Take the whole family on a fun filled day outdoors, see if you can spot the wildlife, and possibly enjoy the refreshing coolness of the waterfalls.  Many ATV’s are equipped for another passenger.


ATV fun for the whole family

  • remember your road skills (with every hill there may be an obstacle such as a tree or cliff)
  • safety should always be a priority



Another sport for the daredevil at heart.  Do you love jumping of the side of a cliff?  Some of the magnificent views are seen of the ocean close to Jaco beach area.  Experts will help guide you before the big launch on all the safety techniques.  Watch our short video from one of our clients adventures.


We always exercise caution and want to make sure you are physical able to participate in these sporting activities.  If in doubt, contact your physician prior to your vacation.

We love helping make your adventure tours become a reality in organizing your tours but only you know your health and weakness best.  Please contact us prior to any tours if you have concerns.

Send us your feedback on any tours, we love to hear from you!  If you would like to book an adventure tour CLICK HERE> TRATURSA

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