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Costa Rica has over 200 volcanos with some more accessible than others.  Poas Volcano & National Park is one of the most visited in the country and for good reason.  On a clear day you can see both craters.  A short 20-30 minute hike and you are at the second crater.  Las Maravillas Volcano is quite unique as you can walk inside the crater seeing the bubbling mud pots.  Here you can lather with the volcano mud which is great for your skin and use the fountain pools to relax.  By horseback or tractor ride to the top of the mountain you can walk across the hanging bridges, swim in the waterfalls and take in the breathtaking views.  Within in 20 minutes you have change from one eco system to another.  In Guanacaste relax in one of the countries hot springs, see the cone shape Arenal Volcano which is now dormant, venture into the town of La Fortuna for a little shopping, or enjoy the hanging bridges located about 1 hour from Arenal.  Rincon de la Vieja area has the Rincon de la Vieja National Park & volcano, enjoying tubing on the river, canyoning for the adventurist, or a nature hike.

Poas Volcano & Waterfalls Tour

Poas National Park is not only the most popular volcano in the country but you are virtually at the edge looking in awe at the massive crater.  On a clear day you can see the gases & furmole.  Located at the Peace Lodge is the true rainforest area with 5 waterfalls for hiking.

Tour type: Nature, hike, wildlife

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Miravallas Volcano Tour

Las Miravillas is the only volcano in the country where you can walk inside and see the bubbling mud pots & furmole.  Lather in the volcano mud excellent for your skin and relax in the outdoor fountain pools.  A short horseback ride or tractor ride to the top of the mountain transitions to another eco system.  Swim in the cool waterfalls and hike along the breathe taking views on the hanging bridges.

Tour type: Nature, hike

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Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs Tour

A leisure drive through the country side your guide will stop for a view of the most famous majestic Arenal Volcano located in the Northern Mountains..   A tour  isn’t complete without relaxing in the many hot spring pools located in the area.  Since 2010 the volcano has been dormant or “inactive”.  Arenal Volcano appears to have only a single cone, but if you look closely there are two.   The La Fortuna Waterfalls  is not to be missed on this tour.

Tour type: medium, hiking, romantic

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arenal volcano

Rincon de la Vieja Tour

We take you to the Guanacaste mountain range for an array of adventurous activities to choose from canyoning, tubing to horseback riding.   The Rincon de la Vieja (the nook where the old one lives).  The Rincon de la Vieja National Park was created in 1973, the volcano here is the largest in the Guanacaste area.

Tour type: medium-extreme, adventure, animals

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