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Poas Volcano & Waterfalls Tour

Poas Volcano Tour and Water Falls  is located at the edge of the Central Valley.  On a clear day you are able to see as far as the Caribbean side. The volcano is sometimes covered in clouds.   It’s best to get here early for the best view.  There are two crater lakes at the famous Poas Volcano. Laguna Caliente known as the (hot lagoon) which is one of the world’s most acidic lakes.  On a clear day you can observe the fumarole activity of sulfur & gases.  The last major eruption was in 1953.  Lake Botas an in-active crater last erupted in 7500 BC is surrounded by lush vegetation & cloud forest.  Elevated 8,900 feet above sea level.

La Paz Waterfalls or otherwise known as the Peace Lodge is one of the most visited and famous waterfalls in Costa Rica located north of Alajuela. Over 50 different species of Hummingbirds are found in Costa Rica. Take in the beautiful sites of birds, orchids, butterflies, monkeys,  snakes, frogs and jaguars on this Nature tour.  Visit the “Aviary” were you can feed & take pictures with the toucans. In the Ranarium Frog Exhibit you can search for several different types including the ” blue jeans poison dart frog”, “green & black poison dark frog (pictured above), and the “red-eyed tree frog” famous in Costa Rica. Jungle cats in this facility are Margay, Jaguar, Ocelot & Pumas.  28 different types of snakes Boas, Vinesnakes, Pitviper, and Fer de Lance to see.  Costa Rica has 137 species of snakes with 22 of them venomous. Hike along side five waterfalls with some of the most spectacular views.  This place should be on your Costa Rica tours  list of must see. 

A leisure drive in the countryside passing by farmers fields, coffee plantations takes you up the mountain to the famous Poas Volcano.  On a clear day you will be able to see both craters at this location.  After the craters well will venture into the information center to see the exhibits.  Our tour then takes you a short drive to the La Paz Waterfalls Gardens.  At this location their is many birds, reptiles, wildcats, and flora & fauna to experience.  Take time out to enjoy lunch in the “real rainforest” before a hike to see the picturesque waterfalls.
Poas Volcano

Park hours: 8 am to 4 pm


Park hours: 8 am to 5pm

Recommend: water, sun screen, bug spray, camera, a light windbreaker as the temperatures at this altitude are cooler, and hiking shoes for the waterfalls

Tour type: Nature, hike, wildlife

Tour requires:  minimum of 4 people

Tour duration: full day

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