Traveling to Costa Rica is without a doubt a spectacular destination for wildlife and fauna.  There is an abundance of activities for everyone to enjoy.  Something high on the list of to-dos’ is visiting the hot springs.  We recently spent the day at the popular Baldi Hot Springs located near La Fortuna.  If you’re staying in the area be sure to visit one of the hot springs.

Baldi Hot Springs happens to be a favorite amongst tourists.  A day here is a real treat for couples or families.  Read our review below to see why Baldi’s a popular hot springs to visit for the day or even a few if you have more time.

Baldi front entrance

parking at the front entrance

Front Entrance

The front entrance has parking for day guests and those requiring mobility parking.  You can also park across the street if you have larger vehicles like vans.  Once you’ve parked be sure to lock all your valuables out of site.  Check in at the reception desk on your left to receive your bracelet for the day.  There are a few options for you with the day passes.  You can choose to include lunch, dinner or both with your pass.

No Reservations Needed

Baldi is a large man-made hot springs with 25 pools ranging in temperatures.  You won’t find locals here as it generally attracts tourists.  Reservations are not required for a day pass, but you may want to reserve if you have a large group.   Back when the Arenal Volcano was active this would be a popular spot to watch the lava flow from the peak.  The volcano is not active anymore but still beautiful to see with its giant cone shaped mount.

Day passes

The facility is open Monday to Sundays from 9am to 10pm.  Keep in mind no food, drinks or pets are allowed inside.  These are the current prices but are subject to change.

Rates:  Adults $35 USD   Children $17.50 USD

Adults with lunch $57 USD   Children with lunch $28.50 USD

Adults with dinner $57 USD   Children with dinner $28.50 USD

bar at the front

The bar is at the front with stools to sit an enjoy your fresh cocktail.  This area can be a little noisier with the music playing.  There is an assortment of drinks to order however a little on the pricey side.

locker area at Baldi

lockers to store your belongings

Once you have paid the entrance fee you can then proceed to the change area.  Follow the path straight ahead a desk is located on your right to receive your towel and locker key for the day.  There is a fee for the towel & lockers.  The fee for the towel rental will be refunded once the towel is returned.  The washrooms & change areas are separate with the washrooms on your right and change area on the left.  The locker storage is ample for a knapsack, but keep in mind if you bring camera bags as well it could be a tight fit.  The locker key is on an elastic wrist band so you can swim with it in the water.

Dining at Baldi

A buffet restaurant is now located towards the back of the facilities to serve lunch.  Previously when we were here we sat at tables near the front entrance.  There are separate stations set up for hot food, salads, deserts, and drinks.  The buffet was relaxing to sit and view the volcano from our chairs.  Staff would frequent your table to clear off used dishes making way for more to eat.

If your planning on staying for dinner with your day pass or a guest of the hotel then you’ll want to dine in the Ristorante Virgita serving up local & Italian dishes.  The best part about dining here is the ambiance.  Listening to the music with the background sounds of trickling waterfalls.  Sounds romantic! Yes?

baldi pool by restaurant

pool near the restaurant

Baldi buffet restaurant

buffet restaurant

Rooms with views

Another reason Baldi is so popular the hotel sits perfectly at the base of the volcano.  Jr Suites seem to be the favorite choice among guests.  Deluxe rooms have 2 queen beds & a balcony to sit, enjoy your morning coffee or take in the sunset.  The Superior rooms are located on the ground floor surrounded by tropical gardens.  I don’t think you can go wrong in your choice of rooms.  Just imagine waking up & opening your curtains to see colorful flowers and a towering volcano in the distance.

Baldi hotel

hotel rooms

walkway at Baldi

walkway to the pools

Baldi Kids

The kids even have a separate section just for them.  The day we arrived it was empty and possibly closed.  One area has a circular base which swirls you down a slide and spits you out into the pool.  To the right is a small waterpark.  I would check with the reservations department to make sure this is still available before booking with kids.

play area at Baldi

play area for kids

Baldi jacuzzi

Jacuzzi with jets

This large Jacuzzi can hold up to 60 people is like a giant tub with jets.  The jets feel nice massaging your back or neck.  I generally like to save this til the last.  Perfect if you have a few hours drive ahead of you back to a resort.

Why use should choose Baldi for your hot springs experience?

  • moderately priced
  • the most hot spring pools
  • very clean & well maintained

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