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Travel Tips

Our Seasons

Costa Rica has only two seasons one dry and one rainy season.  Rainy season starts in May to November, and dry season starts in December to April.  The busiest times are Christmas, New Years and the week of Easter.

Our Water & Food

Tap water is generally safe to drink just about everywhere in Costa Rica especially in the tourist destinations.  Prepared food is very safe to eat.  Costa Rican food & products are inexpensive.   Most tourist restaurants are comparable in price to US prices.  Some restaurants include  the tax & tip on the bill while others do not.  Be sure to check before paying.


The currency in Costa Rica is the colon.  Usually about 500 colones = $1 US dollar.  Large US currency like $50, $100 bills are rarely accepted so we advise to bring smaller currency with you.  ATM’s are also available.  Hotels and tour prices are generally listed in US dollars.

Essentials to Bring

Imported products such as sunscreen and bug sprays are often double the price you’d pay at home, so it’s a good idea to bring enough for your vacation.

Weather & Road Conditions

Always check with your tour operator or locals for the road conditions especially in rainy season as the roads are hard to maintain during this time because of the climate & mountain terrain.

The northern regions of Costa Rica tend to have more dry tropical forests.  The southern regions are more lush with increased humidity & precipitation.  The Caribbean Coast receives rain all year long so a little unpredictable.  Bring rain gear if you are vacationing on this coast.


If you are spending time in San Jose pack long pants as no one wears shorts here and you will stand out as a tourist.  In the mountains you will find the temperatures cooler so pack a light jacket, some long pants & long sleeve t-shirts for the cooler nights.  Located close to the beach areas it can be quite hot so typical beach attire is appropriate but keep in mind to pack shorts & t-shirts when venturing into town or restaurants.   A pair of comfortable sandals & hiking shoes are always a great option here.


Never leave your belonging unattended on the beach or in your rental car as this provides the opportunity for theft.  Always keep safety in mind when travelling.  Tour guides are very knowledgeable and make your vacation enjoyable and safe.

Medical Care & Insurance

If you need medical care in Costa Rica private hospitals are the best option.   There is also many clinics & pharmacies through out the country.  Make sure you have travel insurance coverage before you travel to protect yourself and the investment you have purchased.

More Tips

All power outlets in Costa Rica are 110V with a standard two-prong plugs.

Please try our typical Costa Rican food while you are here, learn a little Spanish on your travels, and enjoy yourself while on vacation.