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Wildlife Adventure Tour

Costa Rica has an abundance of wildlife including monkeys, crocodiles and birds.  The Capuchin or “White Face Monkeys” are very popular throughout the National Parks and you may even see them at your resort.  There are 4 types in Costa Rica; Spider, Howler, Capuchin, and Squirrel monkeys.  The white faced grow up to about 6 lbs and travel in groups.  The Howlers are large and black, Spiders have no tail, and the Squirrel monkeys are the smallest.

The Tarcoles river is the 3rd largest river in the Country filled with lots of crocodiles and many birds.  The river has over 2,000 American crocodiles that’s about 25 per square mile as well as Egrets, Herons, Roseate Spoonbills which are just some the birds that migrate here.

Visit the white faced monkeys in their natural habitat on this Nature tour.  These monkeys are the second-most famous in Costa Rica.   They are aggressive omnivores eating everything from flower, insects, birds and baby coatis.  You have the opportunity to offer some fruit and take photographs of these amazing monkeys.

Driving a short distance down the road to the town of Tarcoles you take a river boat cruise down the 4th largest river in the Country.  You have the chance to observe crocodiles up close some range up to 17 feet long.  Enjoy the scenery with over 50 species of birds.  Our tour guide is excellent at bird calls to attract lots of close up photo opportunities. Look to see if you can spot the different types of iguanas and the famous ” Jesus Christ” lizard who walks on water.  After all the amazing wildlife you’ll be glad to enjoy a scenic lunch on the hilltop at a boutique hotel with picturesque ocean views.

Recommended to visit early in the morning,

What to bring:  water,  light clothes, sun protector, bug  repellent, and camera most of all for amazing photos.

Tour type:  nature, birds, scenic

Tour duration:  full day

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